Aurora Links

In addition to great information on the web, don't forget your local library! Ask your librarian about book titles listed in our aurora bibliography. They are especially useful books if you are working on a report or research paper.

Aurora Bibliography

There are many good books on the aurora and space science for people of all ages. There are also many magazine articles that you may be able to locate through your local library. Check your local library or bookstore for these:

For Young Readers...

  • Savage, Candace. Aurora: The Mysterious Northern Lights. Sierra Club Books, 1994. ISBN 0-87156-419-X.
  • Sinnott, Roger W. "A Jam-Jar Magnetometer as Aurora Detector," Sky & Telescope, V. 78, N. 4, pp. 426-432, 1989.
  • Souza, D.M. Northern Lights. Carolrhoda Books, 1994. ISBN 0-87614-799-6 (library binding), 0-87614-629-9 (paper).
  • Walsh Shepherd, Donna. Auroras: Light shows in the Night Sky. Franklin Watts, 1995. ISBN 0-531-20181-3 (library binding), ISBN 0-531-17766-0 (paper).

Books For General Audiences...

  • Akasofu, S.-I. Aurora Borealis: The Amazing Northern Lights. Alaska Geographic, V.6, N.2, 1979 (1994 reprint). ISBN 0-88240-124-6.
  • Brekke, Asgeir and Alv Egeland. The Northern Light: from Mythology to Space Research. Springer-Verlag, 1983.
  • Davis, Neil. The Aurora Watcher's Handbook. University of Alaska Press, 1992. ISBN 0-912006-59-5 (cloth), 0-912006-60-9 (paper).
  • Eather, Robert H. Majestic Lights: The Aurora in Science, History and the Arts. American Geophysical Union, 1980.
  • Falck-Ytter, H. The Aurora: The Northern Lights in Mythology, History, and Science. Anthroposophic Press, 1985. ISBN 0-88010-123-7.

Magazine Articles For General Audiences...

  • Akasofu, Syun-Ichi. "The Aurora," American Scientist, V. 69 N. 5, pp. 492-499, 1981.
  • Akasofu, Syun-Ichi. "The Dynamic Aurora," Scientific American, V. 260, N. 5, pp. 90-97, 1989.
  • Brown, Bruce. "Shedding Light on the Aurora," National Wildlife, V. 23, N. 2, pp. 50-53, 1985.
  • MacRobert, Alan. "The Aurora," Sky & Telescope, V. 71, N. 1, pp. 30-32, 1986.
  • Ponte, Lowell. "Nature's Incredible Night Show," Reader's Digest, V. 135, N. 12, pp. 86-91, 1989.
  • Sampson, Russ. "Fire in the Sky," Astronomy, V. 20, N. 3, pp. 39-43, 89-91, 1992.
  • Sullivan, Walter. "Curtains of Light, Horsemen of Night," Audubon, V. 89, N. 1, pp. 40-51, 1987.
  • Torr, Marsha. "A New Image of the Atmosphere," New Scientist, V. 103, N. 1418, pp. 42-45, 1984.

For Serious Studies...

  • Akasofu, S.-I., and Sydney Chapman. Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1972. ISBN 0-19-851262-7.
  • Bone, Neil. The Aurora: Sun-Earth Interactions. Ellis Horwood Ltd., 1991. ISBN 0-13-051392-X (library ed.), 0-13-052796-3 (student ed.).
  • Hargreaves, J. K. The Solar-Terrestrial Environment: An Introduction to Geospace. Cambridge University Press, 1992. ISBN 0-52132-748-2 (hardcover), 0-52142-737-1 (paper).
  • Hunsucker, R. D. Radio Techniques for Probing the Terrestrial Ionosphere. Springer-Verlag, 1991. ISBN 0-387-53406-7.
  • Meng, Ching-I., Michael J. Rycroft, and Louis A. Frank, ed. Auroral Physics. Cambridge U. Press, 1991. ISBN 0-521-38049-9.
  • Tascione, Thomas F. Introduction to the Space Environment. Krieger Publishing Co., 1994. ISBN 0-89464-044-5 (paper).