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Our mission is to enable the success of the UA research community, its collaborators, and its supporters whose work demands advanced computing, storage and data sharing solutions. Here is how you can take advantage of those services to further your research.

  • I am faculty/staff directly affiliated with UA

    UA faculty/staff may request project accounts from RCS. Please fill out a project account application form. If you do not already have an RCS account, you will also need to fill
    out a user account application form.

  • I am not faculty/staff, but have direct UA affiliation

    Only UA faculty and staff may request use of RCS services. To use our services, you will need to identify a UA faculty/staff member willing to include you on a new or existing RCS project account. Please fill out a user account application form once you know which project account (or pending project account) you will be included under.

  • My colleague is a UA affiliate, but I am not

    You will need the following:

    • An RCS user account
    • A UA guest account, through which you will manage your login credentials

    If your UA colleague has a project account with us, you can request membership in it and be eligible for an RCS user account by filling out a user account application form.

    To obtain a UA guest account, coordinate with your UA colleague to fill out UAF OIT's account request form:

    • Guest: Complete the top section of the form, then sign the bottom
    • Guest: In the field labeled "Last 4 Digits of SSN", provide any four-digit number of your choice. You will need to remember this number when resetting your password.
    • UA sponsor: In the "ACCESS REQUESTED BY SPONSOR" section, check the "Other" box, then enter "EDIR/Authserv/LDAP"
    • UA sponsor: Enter an expiration date in the "Sponsor Specified Expiration Date." Leaving the field blank will default to 12 months
    • UA sponsor: Sign and date the form as the affiliates's sponsor
    • UA sponsor: Email the completed form to RCS

Project Account Application

University of Alaska username
Note: Only select Long-Term Data Storage if you are not also requesting HPC access.

Project Account Agreement

By submitting this form, you understand and agree to the following terms:

I understand the information I submitted on this form will be used to evaluate my eligibility for an RCS resource grant. I attest the information submitted on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. If I am granted access to RCS systems I will read, understand, and abide by the rules, policies, and procedures regarding proper use of RCS resources.

Eligibility of project members using RCS resources is contingent on them conducting work consistent with the project description provided herein.

Commercial software availability is contingent on funding provided by projects, academic departments, or the University of Alaska. Some software licenses may have access restrictions which limit the use of and access to the software package.

Access to RCS resources is contingent on my affiliation with the University of Alaska. Should that affiliation end, I understand that access to the resources assigned to this project may be terminated or reassigned at the discretion of RCS.

Should this resource grant proposal be accepted, I also agree to include the acknowledgement found at in any publications which result from research supported by this project grant.

User Account Application

University of Alaska username
If you do not know the project ID, please contact your principal investigator. If this submission is accompanied by a project account submission, please enter "Pending".
If you have multiple UA affiliations, please select the one that best describes your status on the project you are joining.

RCS Account Agreement

The following paragraph applies to the Principal Investigator only:

Annual Report

I understand that as a condition of continued access to RCS resources, I will submit a brief annual report on this project describing research objectives, computational methodology, current results and significance. This report shall include references to all publications (per: Credit paragraph below).

The following paragraphs apply to all users:

RCS Account Policies

I acknowledge personal responsibility for my account credentials and understand that I am responsible for their security. I will protect my account from misuse. I will not share my account or its credentials with anyone for any reason. I hereby attest that I have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the rules, policies, and procedures regarding my access to RCS resources. I agree to report to RCS any problems I encounter while using RCS systems, or any misuse of accounts or passwords by other persons which may occur and come to my knowledge. I understand that RCS will investigate each incident.

Restrictions and Auditing

I will not execute, copy or store copyrighted or proprietary software or information on RCS systems without proper authorization. I understand that I am not allowed to process sensitive or classified information on RCS resources. I understand that as a user of RCS systems, my activities are audited and that misuse of RCS resources may result in disciplinary action and/or revocation of current, or denial of future computing privileges.


I agree to include the acknowledgement found at in any publications that result from research supported by this grant. I will submit a copy of each of these publications to RCS (the copies can be included with the annual report).


I understand that RCS makes a reasonable attempt to ensure the availability and integrity of my data and software through regular on-site backups of my home directory. RCS does not maintain off-site backups of user data and I agree to assume all responsibility for the risk of loss of my data and software--regardless of the cause of that loss. I understand that RCS makes a reasonable attempt to ensure the availability of its HPC resources and that periodically, any or all of these systems may go down for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. I agree that it is my responsibility to ensure the recoverability of my data, wherever feasible, should any of my jobs be unexpectedly restarted or lost due to a downtime.

By submitting this form, you agree to the above terms and conditions.