High Performance Computing


  • Digdug

    Lustre File System

    Dig Dug is a non-commodity cluster hosting 275 Terabytes of fast-access scratch storage for the RCS HPC clusters. UA researchers utilize this resource for program compilation, data manipulation and massive short-term file input/output storage. Dig Dug
    serves the Gemini and Infiniband interconnects and Ethernet connection to the HPC clusters.

  • Bigdipper

    Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server

    Bigdipper hosts the long term mass file storage for RCS user data. Offering 214 Terabytes of local disk cache and management of the long term file writing and staging requests to tape, Bigdipper works in conjunction with the automated tape library to
    offer access to over 7 Petabytes of file storage.

  • Galaga

    IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library

    Galaga is home to over seven Petabytes of enterprise-scale, long-term data storage on the UAF campus. Hosting an automated tape cartridge system with an available tape slot count of over 2,600, this system presents a seemingly unlimited file storage
    solution to the UA community.

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Labs and Classrooms

RCS maintains three labs and classrooms on the UAF campus.

  • Remote Sensing Lab

    WRRB 004. This lab contains 16 student workstations running Windows 10 Pro plus an instructor's station and projector. Installed software supports GIS and Remote Sensing exercises and learning.

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  • Mac Classroom

    WRRB 009. RCS is hosting 12 Mac Pro Systems in the 009 West Ridge Research Building. Use of these systems is available to staff, faculty and students affiliated with a UAF class or project. Access to the room is available 24 hours a
    day, 7 days a week, upon request. Room access is controlled via PolarExpress card entry.

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  • Linux Lab

    WRRB 004. RCS maintains an HPC visualization lab with six workstations running Red Hat Enterprise Linux in 004 West Ridge Research Building. These machines are available to all RCS HPC users.

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Licensed / Proprietary Software

Proprietary software licenses hosted by RCS are made available to the UAF campus network. Please see the below links (log in using your UA credentials) for more information.

RCS also provides a centralized copies of software and data that are valuable to RCS or the UAF community. They are made available at as a shared resource. These are mirrored "as is" from publicly available repositories.

Here is a quick list of the packages on

  • ArchAssault
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu