GOLDMINE  (UAF library catalog)

WORLDCAT (global catalog for over 10,000+ libraries)

ONLINE JOURNALS (available only at GI/IARC)

Interlibrary Loan (link to request form)
This service is available only to UAF faculty, staff and students.

Photocopying/Scanning/Fax available


Library loan periods.

Periodicals, data, public data files (Alaska DGGS), reference material, and USGS archival are all non-circulating.  Reserve material is for in-library use only.

Information services available

  • Answers to in-depth reference questions
  • Assistance in locating documents
  • Verification for citations for papers in press
  • Guided tours of library facility
  • Location of email or physical addresses and phone numbers
  • Preparation of bibliographies on special topics
  • Class instruction for locating information on special topics, such as remote sensing