Anumpa Prakash

Anumpa Prakash(907) 474-1867
prakash [at] gi [dot] alaska [dot] edu

UAF Department of Geology & Geophysics

Dr. Prakash’s research includes geology and remote sensing. Her research interest is in using remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) techniques for mapping Earth surface composition and change. Her earlier work focused on using thermal infrared images for investigating underground coal fires in different parts of the world. Since coming to Alaska in 2002, she has been involved in a variety of mapping and exploration projects in Alaska. She is keenly interested in using the synergy of different types of remote sensing data (optical, thermal, microwave, lidar, EM etc.) from satellites and airborne platforms for mapping and process modeling.

Recent and ongoing work and research interests include:

  • Remote sensing based mapping using surface biophysical parameters (eg. using vegetation as indicator for permafrost; thermal anomalies as indicator for aquatic habitat; and geophysical signatures for mapping zones of mineral potential).
  • Using thermal infrared imaging for studying high temperature events and features with differential heating, eg. volcanic eruptions, forest fires, geothermal resources, coal fires, urban heating, and hydrologic features. 
  • Detection, mapping, depth modeling, and monitoring of underground and surface coal fires and investigating their impacts. 
  • Remote sensing and field-based mapping and modeling of evapotranspiration. 
  • Geothermal resource assessment and exploration. 
  • Developing age-specific curricula material for education and outreach.

Measuring spectral response using a spectrometer.Landcover classification using TIR dataLandcover classification using TIR data (left).  Measuring spectral response using a spectrometer.

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