The Geophysical Institute (GI) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is hiring a new seismology faculty member at the rank of Research Assistant Professor or Research Associate Professor. We seek a scientist interested in building a long-term research program that leverages the extensive facilities and personnel of the Seismology Lab and GI. We value an ability to work collaboratively with other faculty and a motivation to help lead our graduate student program. To foster these connections, the new hire will work with the Alaska Earthquake Center and/or the Alaska Volcano Observatory. These affiliations, together with core university funding, are expected to provide approximately eight months of support annually for this twelve-month position. After an initial startup period, the new hire will be expected to raise additional support through external grants and contracts of their own.

We invite candidates from a wide range of seismology backgrounds. Candidates should have broad research interests with applications in regional tectonic settings and/or volcanoes. Applicants are encouraged to address this in their statement of research. Candidates will be evaluated, in part, on their ability to capitalize on the diverse assets of the Geophysical Institute and on the scientific opportunities afforded by the active tectonic environment of Alaska.

The new hire will join a dynamic group of two dozen faculty, postdocs, staff and students dedicated to advancing the field of seismology. Our research emphasizes earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, glaciers and tectonics in Alaska and around the world. We track earthquake and volcanic activity across Alaska in partnerships with federal and state agencies. The Seismology Lab houses the Alaska Earthquake Center and is a core component of the Alaska Volcano Observatory. The