2016 Award Winners

The 2016 Awardees


2016 Outstanding Staff Performance Award

Alexander Kaufman


2016 Outstanding Student Performance Award

Aidan Myers


2016 Community Service Award

Marty Karjala


2016 Best Faculty Paper Award

Andreas Aschwanden
Aschwanden, A., M.A. Fahnestock, and M. Truffer (2016), Complex Greenland outlet glacier flow captured, Nature communications 7 .


2016 Best Faculty Paper Award

Andrew Mahoney
Mahoney, A. R., D. O. Dammann, M. A. Johnson, H. Eicken, and F. J. Meyer (2016), Measurement and imaging of infragravity waves in sea ice using InSAR, Geophysical Research Letters, 43(12), 6383-6392, doi:10.1002/2016GL069583.


2016 Best Student Paper Award

Douglas Brinkerhoff
Brinkerhoff, D.J., A. Aschwanden, and M. Truffer (2016), Bayesian inference of subglacial topography using mass conservation,Frontiers in Earth Science: Cryospheric Science 4:8. doi:10.3389/feart.2016.00008.


2016 Best Student Paper Award

Susana Salazar-Jaramillo
Salazar-Jaramillo, S., S.J. Fowell, P.J. McCarthy, J.A. Benowitz, M.G. Sliwinski, C.S. Tomsich (2016), Terrestrial isotopic evidence for a Middle-Maastrichtian warming event from the lower Catwell Formation, Alaska, Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol, Palaeoecol, 441, 360-376.


2016 TK Moore Prize

Carl Tape


2016 Roger Smith Lifetime Achievement Award

William Harrison


Staff Performance Award - nominees

Erin Albertson
Tyler Begley
Katie Best
Connie Carter
Tracy Coon
Kari Haschke
Marty Karjala
Alexander (Max) Kaufman
Donavan Kienenberger
Natasha Kozyreva
Brian Lu
Lynda McGilvary
Lisa Piechocki
Dale Pomraning
Tobey-Jean Priest
Jami Warrick

Staff Community Service Award - nominees

Marty Karjala
Jami Warrick

Student Award - nominees

Doug Brinkerfoff
Christina Carr
Louise Farquharson
Aidan Myers
Joanna Young