Analytical Fees

The Petrology Lab will provide analytical services to customers within and outside of the state of Alaska. Please contact the lab PI Jessica Larsen to arrange for analytical services, discuss data needs, and review analytical service costs. A list of analytical fees associated with each type of data service can be found in the drop down menu by hovering the mouse over the Analytical Fees menu item to the right.

Micro-FTIR Spectroscopic Analyses

The UAF Petrology Lab provides microspectroscopic analyses suitable for customers and researchers investigating a wide range of research topics. The research grade, Thermo Fisher Nicolet instrument is capable of qualitative (peak identification) and quantitative (concentrations of absorbing molecules) transmission, reflectance, and attenuated total reflectance analyses:

Training rate - $150 per day for instrument training or assistance requiring more than 60 minutes of PI Larsen's time.

Basic daily usage rate - $75 per day for self sufficient and independent use after completing training.

Expert data collection services - $120 per hour for PI Larsen to collect analyses for your project. This includes experimental design and novel research services.

Basic data collection services - $60 per hour for student collected analyses for non-critical or basic assessment analyses.

Pore Structure Analyses

The Petrology Lab houses equipment to analyze porous material structural properties. The lab maintains the following pore structure analytical equipment:

1) HumiPyc 2 helium pycnometer for solid and granular material densities
2) Bench-top gas permeameter (employing compressed air) with a versatile sample holder that can accommodate (core and non-core) samples from <5 mm to >5 cm in both diameter and length
3) Electrical resistivity analyses using a versatile sample holder and Instek LCR-821 LCR meter
4) Maximum pore throat radius analyses are also produced using modified sample holders in the permeameter and pycnometer
5) Portable field permeameter (TinyPerm 3) and rock core drilling equipment

Pore Structure Analytical Rates (1 analysis per sample). Replicate analyses available on request for additional fee:

He-pycnometer analyses - $50 per sample.
Permeability analyses (lab) - $75 per sample.
Electrical resistivity analyses - $100 per sample.
Pore throat radius - $25 per sample
Field permeameter rental - price available on request
Core drill rental - price available on request

Field permeability and core sampling services - $120 per hour, 4 hour minimum. Costs for transportation to and from field location negotiable.