Why Study Volcanoes at UAF?

Here are just a few good reasons (and there are more!):

  1. You can work with ten faculty members who are fully committed to all aspects of volcanology in the North Pacific, and several more who actively collaborate and contribute to ongoing volcanologic studies.
  2. Our volcanology graduate students are very active researching aspects of volcanic phenomena in the fields of igneous petrology, geochemistry, geodesy, seismology, remote sensing, physical volcanology and experimental petrology.
  3. We work in state-of-the-art laboratories that span the spectrum of volcanological disciplines.
  4. Fieldwork and data collection are emphaszied for volcanology graduate students. Our field projects typically take place in amazing natural laboratories!
  5. Your participation with the Alaska Volcano Observatory and other international research institutions provides students with direct experience with both science-driven and hazards-driven studies directly in the public interest worldwide.
  6. There is an incredible abundance of active/recently active volcanic phenomena available in the state for master's, doctoral, and post-doctoral research. Research projects also commonly occur at international sites..

GI Volcanology graduate students are typically students within the Geosciences Department of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Current graduate students and project are listed at: http://www.uaf.edu/geology/current-students/graduate-student-directory/. For more information on applying to UAF please see http://www.uaf.edu/geology/prospective-students/. Feel free to contact individual GI researchers for questions on their research and specific opportunities.