Project area designation

The CIGO is designed to include various scientific disciplines, but all of the individual projects must be planned to work in harmony with the geomagnetism programs that are predominate in the CIGO scheme. Each project will be designated an area or building to operate in. To avoid interfering or extending into other project operations, it is requested that each project limit its operation to the area designated. If there is a need or if the project would like to make a test or inspect an area outside of its designated area, please contact the GI Operations Manager for approval. He/she will assist and facilitate a request if appropriate considering the impact on other projects. Because of the various disciplines operating at the CIGO, it is very important that this procedure be followed carefully.

It is also very important to make every effort possible to reduce the use of ferrous and magnetic materials on the CIGO property and facilities, and reduce the number of vehicles entering the core area of CIGO. The GI Operations Manager will notify the Chief of the College Magnetic Observatory as much in advance as possible of any activities that might interfere with or degrade the quality and continuity of geomagnetic data from CMO.

CAUTION: anyone who works on, provides maintenance support for, or conducts research at CIGO must be advised and be aware of the importance of using non-ferrous (no iron or steel) materials at the CIGO. Any item that is brought on the CIGO grounds for permanent placement or installation must be approved by the GI Operations Manager and must be physically inspected and electronically checked for non-ferrous materials, and approved by the CMO chief.