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Initiating the Process

There are several steps Geophysical Institute faculty or staff members need to take in order to bring in a visitor from outside the United States (links to forms and templates in the following list can be found below).

  1. GI International Visitor Request Form - Complete and submit the GI International Visitor Request Form using the hyperlink provided.
  2. Visa status confirmation - Upon receipt of your completed form, GI Visa Services will contact you to confirm the most appropriate visa status and required processing times (see Visa Options for more details).
  3. Invitation Letter - Once a start date and visa type have been determined  an invitation letter will be drafted for you to review.
  4. Submit Invitation Letter for Signature and Approval - Once you have reviewed and completed the draft invitation letter, you will need to submit it to GI Visa Services at uaf-gi-visa@alaska.edu for final edits and the director's signature.
  5. Visitor will be contacted - GI Visa Services will then contact your visitor to initiate the process.


International Visitor on GI Payroll

For visitors being hired as Geophysical Institute employees, please immediately contact Human Resources to initiate the hiring process at 907-474-5880, via email at uaf-gi-hr@alaska.edu, or Room 614B, Elvey Building.

International Visitor NOT on GI Payroll:

For visitors who are externally funded but will be receiving monthly stipends from the Geophysical Institute, please contact Purchasing Department in Room 608 at least one month in advance. This method can only be used if they are working on a collaborative project.