Faculty Resources

Welcome! This section provides information about annual activity reports, the promotion/tenure process at UAF, workloads and important deadlines. If you have questions about the process please contact:

  • Lillian Anderson-Misel in the GI Director's Office at 907-474-5677 or laandersonmisel@alaska.edu
  • Sally Skrip in the UAF Provost's Office at 907-474 5178 or saskrip@alaska.edu

Annual Activity Reports

The completion of Annual Activity Reports is vital and necessary for faculty working at the Geophysical Institute and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Information about required formats and schedules is available from the Provost's Office at Annual Activities Report. Once an AAR has been submited, the director will review the report, write an evaluation and meet with the faculty member to review performance.

Promotion and Tenure

Promotion and/or tenure is an important aspect of working at the GI and at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The Provost's Office holds an annual Promotion, Tenure, Pre-Tenure and Post-Tenure Review File Preparation Workshop in early fall each year.  Information about promotion and tenure is available through the Provost's Office, or contact Sally Skrip at 474-5178 or saskrip@alaska.edu.

Resources and Links

  • The University of Alaska Human Resources office provides current information about benefits for faculty and staff.
  • UAF's Faculty Development office provides in-person trainings, information and resources for new and continuing faculty members.
  • Mather Library and the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library are excellent information resources on campus for faculty.
  • The current collective bargaining agreements for faculty unions are available at UA Labor Relations.
  • The OIT office provides a variety of hands-on technology training for faculty and staff. See their calendar for current offerings.
  • Everything to know about being faculty at UAF is contained in the Faculty Handbook.
  • UAF's Graduate School provides required forms for your graduate students, training information and scholarship opportunities.


For unit members with a traditional contract period (calendar dates are approximate, check this year's academic calendar):

  • March 3: Submit written proposed workload to your GI group leader
  • April 3: Group leader submits proposed workloads to the GI Director's Office for review
  • May 3: Reviewed workloads will be submitted by the GI Director's Office to the UAF Provost

For unit members with a non-traditional contract period (i.e., October-July)

  • 60 days prior to end of contract period: Sumbit written proposed workload to group leader;
  • 30 days prior to end of contract period: Group leader submits proposed workload to the GI Director's Office for review;
  • 5 days prior to end of contract period: Reviewed workloads will be submitted by the GI Director's Office to the UAF Provost.

Workload templates are available at the website of Statewide Labor and Employee Relations.