Cable and wiring management

To assure proper maintenance and order for the CIGO, all cabling (wiring) that connects projects outside of the building with instrumentation inside the building must be run underground, direct burial or in plastic conduit.

The plastic conduit should be routed to one of the connection boxes located on the outside wall of each building and through the existing conduit installed through the wall of the building to the inside. It is important that no holes be cut through the walls of the buildings.

After each cable installation from outside to inside of the building is made, install "duct seal" around the cables and in the conduit to prevent air leaking into or out of the building.

If there is any question about getting cables (wires) from outside to inside, it must be cleared with the GI Operations Manager in consultation with FS DD&C. It is very important not to tamper with the building structures in order to maintain a stable environment inside each building.

Cables (wiring) inside the building should be clearly and conspicuously labeled, neatly packaged, and installed in an orderly fashion on the ceiling, wall or in conduit. If attached to an instrument rack, be sure extra cable is looped to allow the rack to be moved to the center of the room so staff may work behind it.

Except for short-term tests while someone is on site, wires and cables should not be left on the floor or strung across a room where someone could trip over or run through them.