Communication and fiber optic cable management

Management of the fiber optic cables between the Control Building and the Interface Building is under control of the UAF Communications Engineer with UAF Utilities.

The engineer has authority for the telephone channel bank and communication cables. No changes or modifications are permitted in the fiber optic cables, other communications cables or the telephone channel bank without consultation with the UAF Communications Engineer and approval from FS DD&C and the GI Operations Manager.

Anyone with knowledge of a problem with data or voice communications should contact the GI Operations Manager. If the GI Operations Manager is not available, the Communications Engineer or his office should be notified immediately about the problem and a message left for the GI Operations Manager.

No one should attach any signal to the fiber optic cables or multiplexer or telephone channel bank without approval of the GI Operations Manager. The Operations Manager will consult with the UAF Communications Engineer and the CIGO projects investigators to determine if there will be any interference with their projects, before approving or making any changes to the fiber optic cables, multiplexer or telephone channel bank.