Power and uninterruptible power supplies

Power for all of the building and facilities at CIGO is provided by UAF Utilities and has proven to be very reliable. It is under the control of the UAF Electrical Engineer at Utilities Operations. No changes or modifications are permitted on the primary or secondary lines without consultation with the UAF Electrical Engineer and approval from FS DD&C and the GI Operations Manager.

Any power outage should be reported to the GI Operations Manager. If the GI Operations Manager is not available, the Electrical Engineer or someone in his office should be notified immediately of the problem and a message left for the GI Operations Manager.

Uninterruptible power supplies have been installed in the Interface and Control Buildings to provide back-up power for the fiber optic units and telephone channel bank to insure continuity in communications and delivery of data. Priority for use of the UPS is: fiber optic multiplexers, telephone channel bank, ethernet, GPS unit, digital clock, and magnetometers. To assure that the UPS units are not overloaded, no one should plug into them without prior approval of the GI Operations Manager in consultation with someone who can assure that the UPS can handle the load.