Accounts Receivable

Katie Best is responsible for all accounts receivable functions for the Geophysical Institute. She also assists with purchasing and travel questions as well as Banner entry. If you have questions about accounts receivable, contact Jennifer at 474-7615 or via email at

 Accounts Receivable are processed in one of the following ways:

Petty Cash: Petty cash can be used for any local purchases under $100, excluding travel, entertainment, check cashing or equipment purchases. A petty cash voucher can be obtained and filled out in the Business Office. The payee will need the original receipt and an account name, grant name or work order to be charged.

Invoices: Katie handles anything that needs generation of an invoice. She needs all information to be included on the invoice (such as PO number or description of work), account information for depositing the funds and contact information should there be any questions. After the money has been received and deposited a receipt will be given to the requester.

Grant Billings: Bills are automatically generated each month or quarter for revenue grants. Expenditures are verified and bills are sent to the agency. To see the monthly breakdown of expenditures or find out how much is left to spend on a grant, go to Fund Three Reports.