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Alaska High Altitude Photography (AHAP)

This collection covers 95 percent of Alaska.
70,000 photos taken between 1978 and 1986

Alaska - AHAP Products
Color Infrared 1:60,000 10" film Browse online
Black and white 1:120,000 10" film Browse on site

Glacier Photography of North America 
The USGS Ice and Climate Project (ICP)

100,000 photos of North American glaciers taken between 1950 and 2001.

Photos by renowned Austin Post, as well as Robert Krimmel, and Larry Mayo.

Glacier Photography of North America -ICP
Black and white Vertical Oblique Browse online

The Austin Post Collection

Photo by Ron Karpilo,

Austin's glacier photos from 1959 - 1964. 
Mostly moved from the ICP collection.

Austin Post's Glacier Photos
Black and white Vertical Oblique Browse online



Alaska North Slope Photography - Naval Arctic Research Lab Photos (NARL)

Several thousand photos acquired by the U.S. Navy in the late 1940's. Most of the images are of Alaska's North Slope, but a few extend into the Interior.

NARL-  Alaska North Slope Photography
Black and white Vertical Trimetrogon Browse online