Scheduling: Globe Room and Elvey Auditorium

For questions regarding scheduling, please contact the GI Operations Office at

Is the date/time you'd like to schedule unavailable? Please check here for availability in 202H Mather Library.


Globe Room & Elvey Auditorium Use Policy

All UAF campus events that are open to the public require prior approval from the UAF Events Committee. If your event will be open to the public, please submit the UAF Events Request Form HERE.

  1. The Globe Room and Elvey Auditorium fall under the purview of the Geophysical Institute, and GI events are prioritized for scheduling.
  2. The Globe Room and Elvey Auditorium may be available for use by other UAF departments on a space-available basis.
  3. Groups unaffiliated with the GI may not submit requests for Globe Room usage more than 30 days in advance.
  4. Availability for both rooms is Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Access to the Elvey building is not available after hours or on the weekends. For special set-up and break-down scheduling that may run before or after hours, please email the GI Operations office for approval at
  5. There is no charge for room usage.
  6. Any group using the Globe Room or Elvey Auditorium is responsible for maintaining the space and addressing their specific meeting needs.  The GI Operations office is not staffed to provide customer service for groups outside of the Geophysical Institute (IT setup, conference phone setup, or room arrangement). For IT assistance, please work with OIT at 450-8300.
  7. Chairs and tables must be returned to their original setting.
  8. Rooms must be clean and ready for the next group. This includes disposing of trash, removing boxes and/or food containers, wiping up spills, and wiping down tables at the end of an event.
  9. The requestor and room users agree to respect the privacy of Elvey building occupants and  maintain a respectable noise level while in the building.
  10. Equipment is not to be removed from rooms or moved to another location without prior approval from GI Operations (474-7411).
  11. All event costs (catering, extra tables/chairs, etc.) are the responsibility of the department or individual using the room. Users are also responsible for any damages (media equipment, computers, chairs, tables, rug vacuuming/cleaning). Groups outside of the Geophysical Institute may be asked to provide a fund/org, to be used only in the event of damage and/or the need for additional cleaning.
  12.  Due to high demand for these rooms, PLEASE notify us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you wish to cancel your reservations.
  13. The Geophysical Institute Director reserves the right to reschedule any event. If this is necessary, you will be notified immediately.

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