Budget Development



Often the best place to begin working on a proposal is with the budget. Please work with your proposal coordinator to create your draft budget; you will want to consider the following elements and questions during the process:

  1. Project personnel (Include names and hours/year for each individual)
    • Students:
      • How many?
      • Academic level? [Undergraduate; Master's, PhD before candidacy, PhD after candidacy] 
      • Semesters? (academic and/or summer)
      • Alaska resident or non-resident? 
    • Other staffng needs
  2. Travel
    • Domestic destinations
      • How many trips to each destination, and in what year?
      • How many travelers on each trip?
      • Purpose of each trip?
      • Length of each trip (number of days)?
    • Foreign destinations
      • See above questions for domestic travel
  3. Services, commodities and equipment
    • Any contractual services?  
      • Includes journal publication costs, registration fees, software updates, shipping costs, consultants, lab analysis services, GI Machine/Electric Shop services, transportation charter, communication, etc.
    • Any subawards?
      • To which institution?
      • Name of subaward PI and senior personnel?
      • Expected amount of subaward?
      • What services will the subaward be providing? 
      • Why did we choose this institution for this role?
    • Any commodities/supplies needed?
      • Includes lab supplies, project supplies, field supplies, transportation fuel, etc.
    • Any equipment needed?
      • Equipment = Cost of $5,000 and above per item
      • Include vendor and/or item name, description, and number of items
    • Will there be any equipment fabrication costs or participant support costs?
  4. Other Considerations
    • Is there a match requirement? If so, how will it be met? Have you spoken with the GI director? 
    • What F&A rates will be used for each department?
    • Will there be reduced F&A or an F&A exemption involved?