Atmospheric Chemistry

The Atmospheric Chemistry subgroup investigates high-latitude chemical reactivity through a combination of field and laboratory studies. The subgroup works closely with the aerosol, radiation and meteorology groups in these studies. The listings below describe some current research foci. Interested students should investigate our excellent research and education opportunities.

Cathy Cahill
Investigates the chemistry of atmospheric aerosols through field and laboratory studies. She is currently researching the size and composition of particles entering the Arctic from other regions of the globe.​

Nicole Mölders
Employs chemistry transport models to examine the interaction between the trace gas, water and energy cycles.

Glenn Shaw
Investigates atmospheric aerosols and cloud physics. He is interested in global climate change issues and long-range transport.

Bill Simpson
Investigates arctic radical chemistry through field measurements of trace gases and reactive radicals. Developing laser-based instruments using cavity ring-down spectroscopy and tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy. Active projects include development of a nitrate sensor using visible diode laser absorption and balloon-based sensing of ozone and carbon monoxide.