Alaska Department of Transportation Collection

Keith B. Mather Library at UAF houses, in part, the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities library collection.  The Alaska State Library in Juneau has the remainder of the collection.

The collection in its entirety onsists of about 22,500 books, reports, manuals and periodicals. Each piece has been cataloged with the designation “DOT” in the call number and can be found in UAF’s online catalog.

Highways, bridges, airports, roads, docks, harbors, ferries, soils, traffic, safety, maintenance, design, construction, operations, policy, etc.

Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday, when the Keith B. Mather Library is open. The Mather Library is located on the main floor of the Akasofu Building, 2160 Koyukuk Drive on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus.

Special Series
Engineering Geology and Soils Reports, Geotechnical Reports, Foundation Reports

Reference services are provided.

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