Cloud & Aerosol Physics

The Cloud & Aerosol Physics subgroup studies cloud/aerosol physics and cloud dynamics, and works on arctic problems such as arctic haze and arctic stratus clouds, and global problems like cloud-radiation feedbacks. For more information on research opportunities in this group, contact one of the faculty members listed below.

Rainbow disappears behind ridge at Denali National Park Todd Paris

Cathy Cahill
Investigates the chemistry of atmospheric aerosols through field and laboratory studies. She is currently investigating the size and composition of particles entering the Arctic from other regions of the globe.

Kenneth Sassen
Research activities include cloud remote sensing with LIDAR and radar, atmospheric optics, and the study of cloud physics and related instrumentation. Beginning in the early 1980s, his Mobile Polarization LIDAR facility was widely applied to field measurement programs in the areas of aerosol scattering, winter storm weather modification and cirrus cloud research. Currently, he is involved in the FIRE, ARM, SASS, and EOS research projects.

Glenn Shaw
Investigates atmospheric aerosols and cloud physics. He is interested in global climate change issues and long range transport.