Starting with the basics:

The Geophysical Institute Conference Form will ask for information from faculty sponsors on the following subjects:

  • Event name and dates
  • Funding
  • Location of meeting(s) and lodging
  • Catering
  • Transportation
  • Audio and visual requirements
  • Publicity/promotion

These areas pertain to resources that are available if requested within an appropriate timeframe. Coordinators will work to accommodate as many requests as possible based on information provided by sponsoring faculty. If all fields on the form cannot be completed now, please indicate when coordinators can expect that information. 

Please email the form to the special events coordinator. Following form submission, you will be contacted by the coordinator to schedule a meeting time to go over your event planning.

Throughout the planning process, it is necessary to keep track of the many details that make an event successful. A conference check list is available to assist you in monitoring the progress of your event planning and organization

Additional forms available upon request:

Budget Estimate Worksheet – to establish the fiscal viability of your event

Post-Event Evaluation – provide a summary of the success of your meeting

Representational Allowance form – necessary for all meals and gifts

Sample Registration Sign-in list – basic format that can be customized

Timeline and Check List worksheet – stay organized while planning the event