GI Special Event Coordinator 
Lea Gardine
Public Relations, Elvey 608


Open and frequent communication between event sponsors and the coordinator is extremely important during conference planning and event coordination. Communication will pick up even more as the event dates draw near.

Contingencies must be in place if sponsoring faculty or coordinators are out of town during the planning process or the event itself. Dialogue throughout the planning process and conference itself is crucial.

Varying levels of involvement are preferred by different faculty sponsors. Some prefer to oversee all aspects of an event, while others delegate most tasks to coordinators. It’s important that these preferences are identified during initial discussions so coordinators know when it’s appropriate to make decisions on the faculty member’s behalf. 

Open communication ensures that everyone’s time is respected and both coordinators and sponsoring faculty feel confident about the approaching event. Ultimately, we all have the same goal in mind — to provide a high-quality affair that brings prestige to participants as well as the Geophysical Institute.