Processing GI Time Sheets
  • If you are exempt staff, a graduate student who is not charging to a work order, a faculty member or a postdoc, you do not need to turn in a time sheet. Contact your grant manager or Personnel/Payroll Assistant to straighten out your labor charges.
  • If you are non-exempt staff, an undergraduate student or temporary employee, you will need to turn in a time sheet every two weeks.
  • Access your time sheet at UAOnline, https://uaonline.alaska.edu/. Log in with your UA user ID and password. Once you have logged in, select Employee Services and access your time sheet. The time sheet will automatically populate with the date that is due next. Put in your hours and submit for approval.
  • If you are a supervisor approving time sheets for a non-exempt staff member, temporary staff member or an undergraduate student, access the submitted time sheets and approve them.
  • If you are charging to a work order you will need to access your time sheet on the GI time sheet system at https://patch.gi.alaska.edu/login.php. Turn the paper time sheet into your PPA, now located in 614B.

If you have any questions please contact your Human Resources Office at 474-5880,  Lisa Piechocki at 474-7194 or via email at lrpiechocki@alaska.edu.