Our Group

Wind-blown sediments from the Copper River deltaThe Remote Sensing research group uses satellite and airborne data, and ground-based measurements to study planetary processes that require spatial observation over various time scales. The group studies volcanic eruptions, sea ice, hydrology, snow, glaciers, crustal deformation, geology, ecology, impact craters and planetary processes. Ongoing projects include; monitoring of North Pacific volcanoes, Arctic environmental change assessments, geothermal exploration, electromagnetic interactions and geology. In support of these studies we are fortunate to receive satellite data in real time from AVHRR, MODIS and GOES sensors and access to high spatial resolution data. The group works in close collaboration with the Alaska Satellite Facility, the Alaska Volcano Observatory and the Arctic Observing Network.  The group is affiliated with Geology and Geophysics Department at the University of Alaska where courses on Optical, Thermal Infrared and Microwave subjects are taught, as well as specialty courses such as Remote Sensing of Volcanic Eruptions.   Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the subject, the faculty 11/1/2010 are also affiliated with other research groups.