Property Office

The Property Office is responsible for all property-related matters including:

  • Property records – input, update, create and reconcile 
  • Review P/R and budget for equipment
  • Review of contracts and grants for property clauses and amendments 
  • Property closed out on grants and contacts 
  • Seek approvals and screening for equipment 
  • Internal and external audits 
  • Federal reporting 
  • Property transfers and loans 
  • Property reutilization and disposal 
  • Surplus property 
  • Create and update policies and procedures 
  • Annual physical inventory of all equipment 
  • Location and movement of property 
  • Shotgun checkout for field work and shotgun use policy 
  • Customs information (import and export) 
  • Risk Management insurance claims for equipment 
  • Vehicle registration and licensing
If any equipment is being moved from its current location,
you must notify the Property Office!

Questions concerning property? See GI Property Manual or the University of Alaska Statewide Property Manual (below) or contact Jackie Dashiell at 907-474-7663 or via email at



Statewide Property Manual