Inspired Creativity


Inspired Creativity Motivates Individuals to Achieve

Great Personal Goals


Joe Kan

Professor and Dean Emeritus

Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks


Extended Abstract:

There are two levels of creativity: Inspired creativity and worldly creativity. In research as well as in any serious work we do in life, creativity depends on our intent and motivation. People tap worldly creativity when they are motivated to publish as many papers as possible following existing ideas. People channel inspired creativity when they write few papers introducing new idea breakthroughs.

Inspired creactivity can be attained by interaction with nature, humanity, faith, and one's inner self under unconditional freedom. Inspired creativity often occurs unexpectedly and unpredictably, need not be logical, sometimes controversial, but outcomes are invariably beyond expectation.

Humans are spiritual beings differt from other creatures on Earth. Faith is the deep personal belief gained through experience; faith does not need not be linked to any religion. Believing in oneself is the first step toward developing faith, gaining confidence to dream big and to achieve great personal goals. To reach full human creative potential, one needs a balanced development of human intelligence including: Intellectual intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ). Education develops IQ. Teamwork improves EQ. Faith strengthens SQ.

In my research career at UAF, I spent 31 years pursuing research of worldly creativity under the constraits of the university system. After I retired from UAF in 2003, the freedom of retirement life revived my long-lost dreams. I am convinced that freedom is essential to inspired creativity.

Inspired creativity has guided my post-retirement research. After 10 years of unconditional research freedom, I finally reached a goal in 2013 of developing a new model of geomagnetic storm and auroral substorm that both are griven by the solar wind-magnetopause dynamo. This new model represents a paradigm change to be tested and pondered by space scientists for many years to come. I never would have achieved the breakthrough had I not the serenity and the faith to trust the inspired creativity with all my heart.