Alaska Statewide Climate Summary for February 2014

March 11, 2014

Mean statewide temperature deviation for Alaska in February 2014, courtesy ACRCFebruary temperatures were mixed throughout the month across the state, with nine of the 20 first order stations reporting positive deviations and eleven recording negative deviations. The month began with warmer than normal temperatures. After the first week, though, temperatures dipped below normal for two weeks. By month’s end, temperatures warmed to above normal. The peak deviation, minus 14.1 degrees Fahrenheit, occurred February 12. The monthly mean temperature for all 20 first order stations was 14.1 degrees, just 0.9 degrees below normal. However, all 20 first order stations reported colder mean temperatures for February. Gulkana was 27.1 degrees colder for February than January. Gulkana also held the greatest negative deviation from normal for February at a significant 14 degrees below its long-term mean of 5.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Stations following Gulkana with negative deviations exceeding 6 degrees were Annette (minus 7.2 degrees), Juneau (minus 6.2 degrees) and Yakutat (minus 6.2 degrees), all Southeast stations. Stations with positive deviations from normal that were greater than 6 degrees Fahrenheit were Barrow (7.2 degrees), Nome (6.2 degrees) and Kotzebue (6.1 degrees). It is worth noting that these stations were located in the Northwestern and Arctic portions of Alaska.


The warmest temperature reported for the 20 first order stations was 51 degrees Fahrenheit at Kodiak on February 28. This temperature tied the daily record. The coldest temperature for the month was minus 36 degrees Fahrenheit at Barrow on the 19th and 20th. Kodiak and Annette both reported the highest mean temperature for the month at 30.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Gulkana reported the coldest mean temperature at minus 8.5 degrees Fahrenheit.


For more information on how communities throughout the state fared in February 2014, visit the Alaska Climate Research Center here. 


IMAGE CAPTION/CREDIT: Daily mean temperature deviation from the normal temperature for the mean of the 20 first order stations in February 2014, courtesy of the Alaska Climate Research Center.