Alaska Weather Summary available for September 2013

October 14, 2013


Fairbanks weather, September 2013, ACRC figureFairbanks was 1.1 degrees below its long-term mean, with a monthly mean temperature of 43.8 degrees Fahrenheit for September. The warmest temperature for the month, 71 degrees, occurred the 10th. Three days later, a cold spell occurred lasting nine days. On the 23rd, a temperature of 23 degrees was recorded, which was the coldest temperature of the month.


Precipitation in Fairbanks was 1.74 inches, 158 percent of the normal amount of 1.1 inches. On the 11th, 0.75 inches of rain fell, breaking the previous record for that day set in 1991. The first snowfall of the season was observed on September 18, with 0.6 inches. This event constituted the majority of snowfall for the month. The mean wind speed was a low 4.1 mph, while the highest wind gust, 33mph, blew from a southwesterly direction on the 3rd.


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