Franz Meyer of the Remote Sensing research group and Jeremy Nicoll of the Alaska Satellite Facility are recognized for collaborative paper

May 1, 2012

EUSAR Best Paper Certificate

The Geophysical Institute is pleased to announce that Associate Professor Franz Meyer has been selected to receive the Best Paper Award of the 9th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, 2012. The EUSAR award includes an honorarium of 500 euros.


The winning paper, titled “Characterization and Correction of Residual Radio Frequency Interference Signatures in Operationally Processed ALOS PALSAR Imagery,” contains the collaborative work of Meyer, Jeremy Nicoll of the Alaska Satellite Facility and Anthony Doulgeris of the University of Tromso, Norway. 


The EUSAR Best Paper Award is presented to candidates who demonstrate strength in both their written publication and during the conference presentation. Submissions that were considered for the award underwent a full double-blind peer review by three readers. Of the hundreds of papers that were submitted this year, 200 were selected for presentation to compete for the Best Paper Award. 


The paper abstract:

This paper analyzes severe, broadband, radio frequency interference (RFI) signatures that are commonly observed in L-band ALOS PALSAR images acquired in the American Arctic. A spatial and temporal analysis of RFI distortions is presented, showing widespread contamination of L-band SAR especially near the American Arctic coast. The specific time frequency signature of the interfering signals is introduced and it is demonstrated that standard notch filtering algorithms, such as those used in the operational ALOS PALSAR processor, are insufficient for their removal. A new approach for RFI reduction is presented and its performance for correcting image quality, polarimetric signature, and interferometric phase is demonstrated. 


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