Fairbanks' April was 13th warmest

May 16, 2012

Fairbanks weather in April 2012According to climatologists with the Alaska Climate Research Center: In Fairbanks, the average April temperature was 36.9 degrees Fahrenheit, a substantial 4.4 degrees above the long-term mean. The high temperature for the month was 61 degrees on April 16, which is also a new record high for the day. The previous maximum for this day was 59 degrees Farenheit, observed in 1993. The low temperature for the month was minus 8 degrees, observed on May 4. The beginning of the month was much colder than normal, followed by above normal temperatures, especially around the middle of the month, while the end of April featured seasonally normal temperatures. It was the thirteenth warmest April on record and above normal temperatures resulted in an early breakup of the Tanana River. The ice went out at Nenana on April 23.


Precipitation in April was far below normal, with only 0.07 inches of water-equivalent, which represents only 23 percent of the expected precipitation. The snow cover, measuring 22 inches at the beginning of the month, had disappeared at the Fairbanks International Airport by April 20. The mean wind speed was 4.2 mph, with the highest gust of 32 mph on the April 24.


Alaska Climate Research Center image.