2012 Golden Days parade: GI shines despite rain

July 24, 2012


Gerhard Kramm and Nicole Molders at the 2012 Golden Days Parade in Fairbanks, AKAt the tail end of the University of Alaska Fairbanks section of the 2012 Golden Days Parade, the Geophysical Institute wowed Fairbanksans with its rocket-toting float and energetic mascot, “Rocket Woman.” Seven GI personnel and their families braved the dreary conditions to pass out UAF loot along the parade route and jam to rocket and science-themed tunes as they accompanied the float as it snaked through downtown Fairbanks. UAF had the longest and largest entry in the parade this year – with participation from students, staff and faculty from most campus units.


For a recap on the parade, click here to go to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner website.


Watch a three-minute video of the 2012 Golden Days Parade, created by KSUA TV at UAF at http://youtu.be/4E4zibiohwc. You can see the GI effort at 2:33!




A special thank you to the parade walkers and volunteers that helped make the effort a success:

Dale Pomraning, GI Machine Shop

Lon Sonsalla, GI Operations

Sam Burger, PFRR

Jason Avila, PFRR

Nicole Molders, GI Atmospheric Sciences

Gerhard Kramm, GI Atmospheric Sciences

Jesse Atencio, GI CRC

Jessica Garron, aka "Rocket Woman," ASF

Debbie Coxon, GI Operations

Kaz Alvarez, GI PR

Stevie Seibert, GI PR

James Desjarlais

Amy Hartley, GI PR

Adam, Gabriella & Shane Gibler 



PHOTO CAPTION/CREDIT: Gerhard Kramm and Nicole Moelders of the Atmospheric Sciences group at the Geophysical Institute walked with the GI's float in the 2012 Golden Days Parade on July 21, 2012. Photo by K. Alvarez.