April 2013 First Friday: "Views of the Boreal Forest"

January 29, 2013

NSDIC boreal forest and thaw lake imageThe Geophysical Institute GeoData Center is hosting a first Friday event in April 2013. The title of the show is "Views of the Boreal Forest." Holdings from the GeoData Center will be on display, but there's room to include other artwork dedicated to the theme of boreal forests. Would you like to participate? If so, event coordinators will consider photos, paintings, watercolors, furniture, carvings, sculptures, stained glass or small wood working projects that can be displayed at the First Friday event.


If you have a photo submission, it must be available as a high-resolution image. If you have other forms of art, please submit a photo that best demonstrates the quality of your work. Selected art will be featured in the GeoData Center through the month of April. If you are submitting a photo, discounted rates are available from the Design Services Office for printing either on canvas or photo paper. 


The deadline to submit artwork for consideration is Friday, March 1. 


To submit photographs for the April event:

Go to http://photosubmission.gi.alaska.edu/.

Under “User login,” supply your GI username and password. These are the same credentials used to submit your online timesheet.

Select “UPLOAD PHOTOS” in the blue menu bar.

An automated form will appear on screen. Select a title and any tags you would like associated with your photo.

Upload your high-resolution photo.

Provide credit to the photographer.

Ignore the photo dates options. Just leave the information as is.

If there are people in your photos, please provide their full names in the “People in the photos” box.

Make sure the Photo Release button is switched to “Yes.” By doing so, you agree to let the Geophysical Institute use your image for the April 5, 2013 First Friday event.

In the “Body” box, please provide a thoughtful caption to accompany the photo. Explain the action taking place, the feature captured or the location the image was collected.

Press the “Save” button.

If you prefer to share your images on a thumb drive, please bring the device to Bill Hauer or Rebecca Sanches in the Geodata Center, IARC rm 204.



For more information, email uso@asf.alaska.edu.



PHOTO CAPTION/CREDIT: A small lake is formed in the boreal forest when permafrost's active layer thaws. Photo by T. Zhang, courtesy of NSIDC.