May 2013 was colder than normal in Fairbanks

June 10, 2013


May 2013 weather in Fairbanks, ACRC dataOverall, May was colder than normal in Fairbanks, with below normal temperatures until the end of the month. From the 24th onward, temperatures ended up above the expected temperatures. The average temperature was 44.3 degrees Fahrenheit, a hefty minus 5.1 degrees below the long-term mean of 49.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperature for the month was recorded May 30. It was a warm 84 degrees. The month’s low occurred on the 6th. It was a chilly 16 degrees. Due to the colder temperatures, two record low minimum temperature records were broken for May. On the 18th, 24 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded, which was 3 degrees cooler than the old record set in 1943. On May 20, the low of 27 degrees broke a record set in 1964 by 1 degree.


Precipitation was a mere 0.15 inches or 25 percent of the normal amount in Fairbanks for May. The 2 inches of snowfall in May, however, was more than double the normal amount of 0.9 inches. On the first three days of May, 1.7 inches of the snowfall fell. The mean wind speed was 5.4 mph. The maximum wind speed was 27 mph on May 13. It blew from a westerly direction.


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