Vehicle traffic and personnel control

To preserve integrity of the CIGO operation and to avoid disturbance of projects, it is necessary to monitor and control vehicular and personnel traffic. A visitor log where all users sign in and out is located in a small shelter on the inner gate. Please assist in CIGO vehicle traffic and personnel control by signing in and out each time you visit the site.

Vehicles should always be kept at least 200 feet from any of the magnetic buildings and never driven beyond the Control-GPS building toward the Magnetic Absolute, Sensor, Quasi-Absolute or Calibration buildings without permission of the College Magnetic Observatory Chief.

  • Maintenance personnel should always notify the CMO Chief and the GI Operations Manager and get permission before taking vehicles inside the inner gate.
  • Except in emergencies and when prior approval has been received from the CMO Chief and GI Operations Manager, no more than two passenger-size vehicles are permitted inside the inner gate at any one time.

Please do not take a vehicle beyond the inner gate when a sign is displayed on the gate indicating magnetic absolute or other special observations are being made.

The CMO staff are authorized to have access to CMO facilities, instruments and equipment as necessary to make routine and special observations to assure uninterrupted operation of CMO. If another project is conducting a test at its designated site that may be affected by the CMO staff entering the CIGO core area, the project investigator should advise the GI Operations Manager and the CMO Chief, and coordinate timing of the test with other project investigators to prevent interference.