Pacman "standard_4" queue retirement

March 24, 2016

This is a reminder of the pacman "standard_4" queue retirement scheduled for March 31, 2016. The remaining 4-core nodes will be powered off on March 31.

Users currently utilizing the pacman "standard_4" queue are encouraged to move their computational work to the remaining queues on pacman, fish, or the new Chinook cluster.

Chinook is currently hosting 336 cores and is an energy efficient linux cluster from Penguin Computing, Inc. It is the foundation for a new community HPC condo-style cluster for UA researchers and our local, state, and federal collaborators.

For more information regarding the Chinook cluster, please view the online documentation:
Requests for new accounts should be emailed to

Please contact RCS with any questions or suggestions at (907) 450-8602 or