NCAR Opens New Supercomputer

February 2, 2017

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Computational & Information Systems Lab (CISL) is now accepting requests from university-based researchers for large-scale allocation requests for the new 5.34-petaflops Cheyenne cluster; submissions are due March 20, 2017. The spring opportunity encompasses both university requests for large allocations and Climate Simulation Laboratory (CSL) requests.

The CSL ensures that computing time is available for researchers with extremely demanding, high-profile climate simulations. Typically these require 10 million core-hours or more per year, perhaps for several years, and may produce many terabytes of model output that must be stored for analysis and comparison with other simulations and with observations. See the CSL web page for details:

Large allocations on Cheyenne are those requesting more than 400,000 core-hours. CISL accepts requests from university researchers for these large-scale allocations every six months. For submission instructions and information regarding available resources, see the CISL HPC Allocations Panel (CHAP) page:

Please contact if you have any questions about these two opportunities or need help determining which may be a better fit for your planned computational work.