UAF to participate in 2011 Golden Days parade

July 12, 2011


This year marks the first Golden Days parade that will feature large-scale, unified University of Alaska Fairbanks participation. Though many university-affiliated groups have a long tradition of walking, riding, and dancing the approximate 2.7-mile-long parade route independently, all units will join forces from here on out. 


The UAF group entry is expected to be large and diverse, just like the university itself. Police and fire departments will be represented with a squad car and fire truck. Athletes will be on rollerblades. There will be a marching band, a tractor, and international music with dancers, just to list a few. All units will be handing out goodies to parade onlookers. And this is just the beginning.


Since UAF Provost Susan Henrichs sponsored the purchase of handheld banners for each unit that volunteered to walk this year, those groups will have a head start for parade planning next year and beyond. The university hopes to increase its visibility in the community through this annual outreach endeavor – showing the larger Fairbanks population all that the campus has to offer.  


The Geophysical Institute will be walking under one of 33 unit banners as part of the UAF entry. Anyone interested in walking with the GI group is welcome. Please contact the Outreach Office for more information at 907-474-7558, or