Cleveland volcano at Watch level: Increased activity documented throughout August

August 23, 2011


Satellite image of Cleveland volcano



The summit crater of Cleveland Volcano is pictured. Cleveland is currently at the volcano alert level of "Watch" as it has exhibited signs of unrest. It is currently classified as aviation color code “Orange” because its increased signs of activity pose potential for an eruption in an uncertain timeframe.


Seismic activity is monitored in real time at 30 volcanoes in Alaska. Satellite images of all Alaskan volcanoes are analyzed daily for evidence of ash plumes and elevated surface temperatures by scientists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory. 


This recent satellite image of Cleveland shows a newly erupted lava dome and brightly colored mineral deposits produced by volcanic gas emissions. Since there is no real-time seismic data available for Cleveland, AVO researchers rely on satellite imagery for monitoring volcanic activity. 


More information about Cleveland and other volcanoes available at: 


Image courtesy of AVO/USGS, copyright 2011 DigitalGlobe.