High risk of permafrost thaw: GI scientists weigh in on Nature commentary

December 1, 2011


permafrostThe current issue of Nature, an international weekly journal of science, includes a comment on the risks of widespread permafrost thaw. The commentary is based on a collective estimate that northern soils are thawing and this thaw will release huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere thereby accelerating climate change. Multiple scientists from the University of Alaska Fairbanks contributed to the piece, including Vladimir Romanovsky and Guido Grosse of the Geophysical Institute’s Permafrost Laboratory


To access the commentary, titled “High risk of permafrost thaw,” click here


PHOTO CAPTION/CREDIT: Abrupt thaw, as seen here in Alaska's Noatak National Preserve, causes the land to collapse, accelerating permafrost degradation and carbon release.


Photo by E.A. Schuur.