Gifts for Love Inc. will be collected through this Friday, December 16th

December 13, 2011


We are continuing to collect for our Love Inc families through Friday, December 16th. Please be sure to bring all donations to the Director’s office so that we can prepare them for pick up and delivery next week. Once again a board is posted outside the mail room with stars of the remaining requested gifts yet to be collected if you would like to donate something from list. Below are the attachments with the information about our sponsored families.


Here are some suggestions to make your shopping easier and to help you understand the gift idea list:


This is a list of gift suggestions.  You are not expected to get everything on the list and you can certainly give presents that are not on the list.  Use the list as a starting place. 


You may give used items, especially on the more expensive requests.  We encourage the families to give practical and personal requests.  Sometimes when they are reluctant to give gift suggestions for themselves we ask for a DREAM gift or for something they have always dreamed of having.  This often brings out an expensive request. We explain that the sponsor may be able to find a used one. 


Please don’t feel obligated to get expensive items, whether new or used. Remember this is an idea list.  We put all gift ideas because you never know what sponsors may come up with!  Miracles happen every year! 


You may give gift certificates, especially for gas and groceries.  Many families are struggling and while the kids like to open presents, the parents often appreciate and need the practical things more – food, heating fuel, gasoline, etc.