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Peter Delamere
Space Physics and Aeronomy

Studies magnetospheric physics with emphasis on the numerical simulation of space plasmas
Mark Fahnestock
Snow, Ice, and Permafrost

Applies remote sensing and field work to study ice flow and glacier change
Louise Farquharson
Snow, Ice, and Permafrost

Explores how high-latitude landscapes respond to climate change
David Fee
AVO Coordinating Scientist
Uses infrasound and seismic data to study volcanic eruptions and other explosions
Victoriya Forsythe
Space Physics and Aeronomy

Investigates polar and auroral ionosphere using radar and satellite observations
Don Hampton
Space Physics and Aeronomy

Uses optical instruments to observe and study the aurora and upper atmosphere
Lea Hartl
Atmospheric Sciences

Is a meteorologist with a research focus in glaciology
Robert Herrick
Remote Sensing

Studies the geology and geophysics of solid bodies in the solar system
Regine Hock
Snow, Ice, and Permafrost

Studies the effects of climate change on glaciers
Stephen Holtkamp
Seismology & Geodesy

Uses observational seismology to study earthquake detection and relocation of earthquake swarms
Pavel Izbekov

Studies and monitors active volcanoes of Alaska and Kamchatka
Andrew Kiene
Space Physics and Aeronomy

Investigates the interactions between neutral and charged particles in Earth's upper atmosphere