Vehicle Use

The GI's Operations office no longer maintains vehicles for use by GI faculty-staff-students, but we do work closely with Transportation Services to ensure the availability of a vehicle to support your work-related transportation needs. 

To view vehicle rental rates and reserve a vehicle for use, please visit

For those wishing to drive a University vehicle, you will be asked to provide specific information. Please see below. 

Sec. 44.68.040 states that an employee who violates this regulation is subject to dismissal from State employment upon hearing for other dismissals for cause.

Alaska Statute, Sec. 44.68.010 states: "State-owned vehicles may be used only in the conduct of State business. A State officer or employee may not use or permit use of State owned vehicles except in the conduct of State business."
  • You must have at least three (3) years of driving experience.
  • You must possess a valid Alaska driver's license.
  • Effective March 31, 2001, you must complete the online UAF Driver Safety Class and take the Quiz.
  • Annually all drivers must complete and submit the UA Driver Authorization form.
  • Vehicle must be returned in same condition as when checked out (full of fuel, clean inside).
  • Report all mechanical deficiencies to UAF Transportation Services (x5875).
  • Report all accidents. Notify each of the following: 911, UAF Police (x7721), and GI Operations (x411). See accident folder in glove box.
  • Do not transport hazardous materials or chemicals in GI vehicles unless you possess a State of Alaska commercial driver's license (CDL with appropriate endorsements) and the vehicle is properly placarded. For specific information on transport of hazardous materials or chemicals, please contact the GI Operations office at x7411.
  • You may not transport family members in UAF vehicles.
  • Animals are not allowed in UAF vehicles at any time.