Proposal Process

Expect to route through the GI Proposal Team items such as budgets, estimated project costs, pre-proposals, white papers, collaborations, budget revisions, supplemental funding, project continuations and renewals, and new proposals.


  1. Meet with Erin Albertson or David Read to initiate your proposal as soon as possible; you will be assigned a number and coordinator
  2. Find and read the relevant RFP
  3. Work with coordinator to develop budget 
  4. Prepare and assemble all required documents and forms, with help from coordinator
  5. Ten business days before agency deadline: Finalize documents — your coordinator will format them to meet agency requirements
  6. One week before agency deadline: Review and approve final proposal package
  7. Sign routing form and cover page
  8. All co-PIs and their deans and directors review and approve proposal and sign routing form
  9. Five business days before agency deadline: GI review — business manager and director review proposal, sign routing form and cover page
  10. Proposal goes to the UAF Office of Grants and Contracts Administration for final review
  11. Proposal is submitted via GI Business Office and OGCA

We will do our best to facilitate on-time submission of the proposal, but this can only be ensured by your assistance in meeting deadlines. Please note that the Office of Grants and Contracts Administration requires five business days for review, approval and submission of a proposal per University of Alaska Board of Regents Policy. Proposals that involve matching/cost-sharing, reduced overhead, collaborations with other units or universities or subawards all require additional review time and documentation.