Summer Programs

PARS Summer ProgramThe Geophysical Institute and the University of Alaska Fairbanks have a rich history of Summer Programs.

Alaska is beautiful year-round. The summer is the best time to explore specific research areas. The Polar Aeronmy and Radio Science Summer School is one such example of a program developed to bring exceptional experts together to educate our next generation of scientists.


Polar Aeronomy and Radio Science Summer School

Polar Aeronomy and Radio Science Summer School Students 2008

Each summer the UAF Geophysical Institute hosts a Polar Aeronomy and Radio Science (PARS) Summer School, to provides instruction and hands-on experimental experience for students and their graduate advisors. The PARS Summer School provides an opportunity for students to study the upper atmosphere and ionosphere at polar latitudes with practical experience built into the learning process. The theme of the school is Incoherent-Scatter RADAR and AMISR. Instruction covers radar basics, incoherent-scatter theory, radar experiment techniques, the characteristics of the ionosphere and atmosphere which is the target observed by ISR, and finally ISR observations of ionospheric modification experiments.

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Bill Bristow
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Geophysical Institute