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While most of Alaska has not felt too wintery yet, 175,000 moose have noticed a change.

The magnificent creature was fooled by vocal plumbing — similar to its own but much smaller — imitating the groan of a receptive female.

Leaving cloven hoofprints from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, more than 3,500 muskoxen live in Alaska.

Maybe she has the right idea, the arctic ground squirrel. Sniffing the chilly air, looking up to see the first stars of the season, she has decided to check out.

Thanks to her six-year-old grandson, Janet Klein of Homer recently hosted a few interesting house guests.


The evidence is in: Snowshoe hares near Wiseman eat lots of dirt.


YUKON RIVER — “She’s starting to wail,” Chris Florian says, referring to the worrisome shriek of a peregrine falcon across the river.


Floating down the Fortymile River, we heard the roar of a rapid just ahead.

Just beneath the owl box, hung 20 feet up the stem of a balsam poplar, the backyard barbeque continued late into the evening.

Of the five species of salmon that swim Alaska waters, the pink is by far the most plentiful.