Fieldwork gallery

Bolivan Fieldwork 

Altiplano in Southern Bolivia

Graduate student Brando Christensen with advisor Steve McNutt installing a station near Uturunku near another volcano.(That section of the altiplano is covered with them...) photo courtesy of: Ernesto Godoy Valdovinos


Fisher Caldera
Graduate student Pete Stelling carefully collects samples for one of his research studies at Akutan Volcano



Rafting in a mud volcano  

Wrangell St. Elias National Park

Graduate Student Sarah Henton rafting out into the center of the Upper Klawasi mud volcano to collect samples in a rather unconventional, yet undeniably cool manner. These mud volcanoes are located in Wrangell National Park, Alaska. photo courtesy of: unknown 


Mt Redoubt before eruptionFieldwork at redoubt: The day before it erupted!  

Redoubt Volcano, Cook Inlet

Graduate Student Helena Buurman working on a temporary seismic station, RD02 (at the former site of station RDW) on the flank of Redoubt Volcano, the day before it erupted in 2009

photo courtesy of: Cyrus Read


A beautiful day at Pavlof  

Pavlof Volcano, Alaska Peninsula

All the ingredients necessary for a successful day in the field: Seismologist (Graduate Student Helena Buurman), Helicopter, Seismic station, Volcano, and beautiful weather.  


The group from PIRE  

Bezimiani volcano, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

A group shot people in Kamchatka, working on the PIRE project, including graduate students Ronni Grapenthin, Helena Buurman Taryn Lopez, and Faculty member Pavel Izbekov.
photo courtesy of: Sergey Ushakov