Getting Access

RCS computing and storage resources are available upon request to University of Alaska faculty, staff, and sponsored individuals. The following steps outline the resource request process.

  • Step 1: Request or Identify a Project

    In order to use RCS resources, RCS users must be affiliated with one or more RCS projects.

    • If you are joining an existing RCS project, please contact your principal investigator for the RCS Project ID.
    • If you are UA staff or faculty, you may request a new RCS project using the project account application form.
  • Step 2: Request A User Account

    • Already have a UA username and password? After applying for an RCS project (UA faculty / staff only) or identifying which existing RCS project you would like to join, please complete the user account application form.
    • Do you need a UA username and password? Ask your UA-affiliated colleague to sponsor a UA Guest account for you by completing the form available from UAF OIT at The following fields should be completed on this form:

      • UA Guest: The UA Guest completes the top section of the form, then signs the bottom.
      • UA Sponsor: In the "ACCESS REQUESTED BY SPONSOR" section, check the "Other" box, then enter "Authserv affiliation for RCS HPC and storage."
      • UA Sponsor: Enter an expiration date in the "Sponsor Specified Expiration Date." Leaving the field blank will default to 12 months.
      • UA Sponsor: Sign and date the form as the affiliates's sponsor.
      • UA Sponsor: Return the completed form to OIT.

      After you receive your UA Guest account credentials, complete the user account application form.