Catherine Hanks

Tectonics and Sedimentation
Dr. Hanks has over 34 years of experience in Alaskan petroleum geology, both in industry and in academia. She has a broad research interests in energy-related structural geology with applications for regional exploration and play fairway analysis, reservoir characterization and reservoir engineering, and geothermal energy.
Current Positions: 
Present Research Interests: 
  • Influence of lithology, mechanical stratigraphy, local structural position, and regional stress regime on natural fracture development in Northern Alaska
  • Effects of fractures on reservoir character
  • Conventional and unconventional petroleum resources in northern Alaska, including frozen reservoirs and shale oil/shale gas
  • CO2 sequestration options in Interior Alaska
  • Geothermal energy resources
Selected Pubs: 
  • Zanganeh, B., Ahmadi, M., Hanks, C. and Awoleke, O., 2015, The role of hydraulic fracture geometry and conductivity profile, unpropped zone conductivity and fracturing fluid flowback on production performance of shale oil wells: J.of Unc. O&G Res., Vol 9
  • Tomsich, C.T., Hanks, C.L., Stone, D.B., Newberry, R., and Coakley, B.J., 2014, Ultramafic and mafic rock distribution and volumes in Interior Alaska and implications for CO2 sequestration: Natural Resources Research, Nov. 2014, DOI 10.1007/s11053-014-925
  • Hanks, C., Shimer, G., Oraki-Kohshour, I., Ahmadi, A, McCarthy, P., Dandekar, D., Mongrain, J., and Wentz, R., 2014, Integrated reservoir characterization and simulation of a shallow, light oil, low temperature reservoir: Umiat Field, National Petroleum
  • Duncan, A., Hanks, C.L., Wallace, W., O’Sullivan, P. and Parris, M., 2012 Fracture distribution, thermal history and structural evolution of the central Brooks Range Foothills, Alaska: American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, vol. 96, no. 12
  • Hayes, M. and Hanks, C.L., 2008, Evolving mechanical stratigraphy during detachment folding: Journal of Structural Geology, vol. 30, pp. 548-564.
  • Hanks, C. L., Parris, T. and Wallace, W.K., 2006, Fracture paragenesis & microthermometry in Lisburne Group detachment folds: implications for the thermal and structural evolution of the northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska: AAPG Bulletin, vol. 90, no. 1, p